Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mommy Moments - Doha Circus at the Souq

Kids time celebration of Love and we celebrated the Valentine's Day with the kids and my little brother by watching the Circus.I know, i know - again with contradicting the rant - love day is every day, first with husband's special treat ( I wouldn't say gift!) and now with kids celebration; it's for my mommy moments which happens quite a weekly treat for me so It's really nothing just for Valentine's day.

Circus in Doha is more than an annual thing. They usually run for two periods in several locations. I'm pretty sure I've seen most of the performers before and that they call Doha their expat home same as us. Hhmm, wonder if we could have friends who work in the circus. I say, I would choose that beautiful lady who dresses way too quickly! Oh what fab friend she would make.

We arrived almost 15 minutes after the circus started so we didn't get a good seat in front. The Souq venue is small anyways so we had a good view also. We had to buy popcorn (10QR), cheese curls (5QR), juice (10QR). This is in addition to what we paid for the discounted circus entrance fees of 60QR for all of us. It's a bit expensive but seeing the kids enjoy and be amazed with the tricks, clowns, water show, flying trapeze and acrobats is so worth it.

water show before the 1st intermission break
keep shouting at this two performers - it's way too dangerous for my world - physics!
Just look at the turknoys - so dazzled!

This is THE woman who can change dresses in seconds - really!
The mommy poses - the kids are preoccupied with how things work! Mommy Moments indeed!


mommy moments


  1. What a fun day to celebrate the heart's day!!!

  2. Love circus! I bet the kids had a blast!\(^0^)/

    HAppy MM!

  3. wow! it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  4. Great way to spend the love day!
    Happy Mommy Moments!

  5. We've never been to a circus. 'Twas also sweet of your hubby to bake a Valentine's Day cake for you. Belated Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you can check out my entry, too. Thanks!

  6. thanks tetcha - will definitely do. ;)

  7. I bet all of you had a great time watching the circus. Visiting for Mommy Moments :)

  8. lot! lot! lot! of fun mommy..

    happy MM!

  9. hmmm.. that was a GRAND celebration of the valentine's day!


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