Friday, January 21, 2011

ABC Wednesday: A is "Afiyet Olsun!"

This is my first entry for ABC Wednesday. A little late but it is still close to Wednesday in some parts of the world.

Beginning are always refreshing and full of promises. Very recently, our family led by my husband began a project to eat healthy by cooking Turkish dishes. We have been enjoying Turkish dishes for two weeks or so.

A is for Afiyet Olsun! Turkish words meaning Bon Appetit , in English - Enjoy your meal!

I believe that my husband is a great cook - well, I have to inspire and motivate him, but so far he's been doing a very great job.

Some of the dishes he already prepared and we already devoured.

Kadinbudu Kofte-croquette with minced meat and rice

Saturdays' Egg Salad a turkish way

Eggplant salad

Manti(Kind of Ravioli or Turkish Dumpling)

Musakka- eggplant and meat dish

For the recipe and tips on cooking, you can check it out at his blog: LOVE, COOK AND EAT.

Afiyet Olsun!


  1. Yum! We love to try international dishes.

  2. These look delicious! We have a local Middle East restaurant that offers food like that.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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