Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exploring Izmir: Alsancak Cornish

On the way back from our first "exclusive" family adventure in Denizli, Pamukkale, we had to pass by Izmir for the second time while waiting for our plane going back to Istanbul.

We stayed in the Cornish and kinda observe the rush hour of the city. It's nothing compared to Doha and reminded be of the rush in Manila. However, everybody walks and very very few people flag a taxi. In Manila, commuters either chase an overloaded bus, jeepneys and taxis!

I really love the view of observing the rush hour to my left and the view of the sea to my right while having dinner and/ or chilling with beer. That would be an awesome thing to do after office hours. Shame I won't be able to experience this. Well, if I do someday, somehow, it has to be when the kids are all grown up so we don't have to literally run home after office hours to be able to spend quality time with them. Oh that's long shot. 

along the Cornish
While waiting, we ate dinner by the Cornish. Kylie tasted one of the most popular street food in Turkey, mussels with rice.
Kylie's favorite food in Turkey - mussels with rice
she finished three of this - oh boy
Of course, Cihangir enjoyed Turkish team while I settled for a cola for energy boost. Good thing because the plane got delayed for thirty minutes and the kids were cranky while waiting. But it ended up so well. Exploring with them is always fun!

Keep exploring!

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