Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exploring Al Ruwais: Port Border and Village

If there is a far far away in Qatar, this is it! Located on the northern tip of the peninsula this town is a fine example of the traditional Bedouin lifestyle as it merges with the modern world, it's about 110 km from Doha! That is however, only 3 kilometers away from Al Shamal Park.

Since we were at Al Shamal already, might as well visit the Al Ruwais. Although, it is the Turknoys first time to see Qatar's border close to Bahrain, this is not my first time. During my stint at Asian Games, we went here already to go to Umm Tais Island - one of the legacy of the games to Qatar is to develop the Umm Tais Island - nostalgia attack when we explored the city proper.
Welcome to Al Ruwais!

Kerim exploring on his own - yeehaa

tired turknoys

the al ruwais village

the bedoine village in the sea


the city - village

looking at Bahrain!

wanting to ride the coast guard boat!

let's go cross the border!

so near, yet so far

how about walking??

these feet are made for NOT walking


looking at the construction of bridge connecting to Bahrain

Department of Meteorology Observation Centre - it was closed but we saw wind vane!
There are not so many people in the village - a bit freaky but this village remains one of the major city in Qatar. Fun!

Keep exploring!


  1. I'm finally making my way over from Friday's Blog Hop at My Wee View, it's been a crazy weekend!! :)

    I love the colour of that water, so blue and refreshing!!

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