Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exploring Doha: Qatar Bowling Center

Don't Spare Your Time, Roll the Ball and Strike the Fun! says Qatar Bowling Center to all!

The Turknoy Gang

We didn't realize that the place would be so perfect for a Thursday night! We used to stay five minutes away from the Qatar Bowling Center but didn't visit, not even once. Good thing that Tita Ayish office had a team building tonight. Despite the long travel from our current home to the center, it was not traffic at all on the way. Since it's weekend, every one must be enjoying the Doha events for the weekend - Circus at the Souq, Logos Hope Floating Book Shop and Taste & Fun Food Festival. These area must be highly congested freeing our way from traffic! Nice!

Bowling and billiards are popular sports among Pinoy and it is quite evident tonight. Majority of the members are Pinoy. Tournaments among Filipinos are announced in the bulletin boards. The restaurant, although serves variety of food, has a separate menu for Filipino food. We tried the Tapsilog (which stands for Beef, Egg and Fried Rice) and the Bangsilog (which stands for Milk Fish, Egg and Fried Rice). Food is not bad, if not, good actually for our Pinoy tastebuds.

Tapsilog - don't worry, she didn't finish this plate!

Hoops, that's me being Pinoy focusing on food all the time. Back to BOWLING!

It was Tito Boy's first time to play bowling and Kylie and Kerim too! They had a blast hurting attempting to carry the balls. What a funny sight! Kylie is pushing the ball off the alley - love it! She managed to hit one bowling pin at one time.

i would freak out if he'll be able to carry this!
Kylie's attempting too
Me like a PRO!
The first timer! Go Tito Boy!
The Princess and her guts!
The Scorer!

The centre has video games, billiards, Foosball and table tennis. It looks like it's a good hang out during summer. I wish we get to mingle with lots of Pinoy who likes to bowl so we can enjoy the place more.

Video Game - look at Kerim go!

really serious
billiard area
table tennis!

Although it was not my first time to bowl, I learned a new lesson - the bowling lane is slippery and oiled. I fell on my big bum and almost hit my stupid head during one of my failed attempt to strike!  Ouch, my ego; how funny could it have looked like - kids actually laughed at me - bad kids!Oh well, I had fun, they had more fun. Cool.

It's an awesome way to end the work week! Happy weekend, Doha!

Keep exploring!

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