Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: Kartal

This is home sweet home for Cihangir. This is where he grew up playing in the streets of Kartal. Kartal is a district of Istanbul. Even though it is almost 30-minute away from the centre of Istanbul, Kartal is heavily populated and almost as expensive as Bosphorus area.

all days spent in Kartal are extraordinary

We got married in Camlik Restaurant located in Yakacik Hill ("The Balcony of Istanbul") During our last visit, we celebrated Christmas in the same restaurant. Well, I celebrated Christmas, the rest of the family celebrated being together with the Turknoys. All the Turkish family, are of course Muslim and does not celebrate Christmas.

at the Camlik Retaurant, Balcony of Istanbul with sister-in-law
with the rest of the family December 2010
same place, August 2008 - just can't help to be nostalgic when thinking about the place. It is almost enchanting to be married with a view like - The Balcony of Istanbul

How do I find Kartal? It is a very much family oriented district with lots of potential for business for Chinese or Asian food. Forgive the thoughts of Asian food, there is absolutely no Asian restaurant since Turks might be thinking it is far away from the touristic spots. There are however public playgrounds and bars, restaurant and shops in front of these parks - perfect for family with nannies. Moms can shop, dads can go to bars, meet in the restaurants and get the kids from the park dead tired from playing. Of course, this is the ideal situation I am always imagining if we stay in Kartal for good. IF - remember, we will be staying at Bosphorus. ;)

The Kartal kordon (seaside) like any Istanbul is stunningly beautiful. It is a popular to students as a dating spot. You know the drill - sitting beside each other while holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to each other indifferent of the people around them. But I guess this happens to all places (except Doha - of course.)

The Kartal kordon in landscape
Kartal will always be home for all of us and will definitely make more memories in this place.


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