Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sports Day!

"The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital." 
Joe Paterno

Today is Sports Day in Kylie's school. Mommy took a day off to support and to spy her activities. Daddy and Kerim was there of course.

It paid off to observe. I have been focusing on reading a lot and didn't focus on her "athletic" abilities. She's not keen on the idea of winning as well just yet. I also didn't notice the focus on teamwork during some of the 'sports competition' - and that is using the term loosely.

The Sports Day is not fairly organized. Me and husband were not impressed. Although, the venue improved from school grounds last year to a sports club this year. But that's just about the positive thing. Other observations - the food we paid for is crap, the student volunteers as referees were not physically there, it was all tick in the boxes - done for this group kinda event. No opening ceremony, no focus on the teamwork and winning values (said that already) and no celebration of winners. Dull. Bland.

Be going to parks for some practice for both kids. Can't really rely on the school. Sometimes I really wonder if all Doha schools are like this, maybe I should lean towards homeschooling more. Decisions to be procrastinated again.

Anyhow - some of the pictures we took during the day.

Sack Race - look at Kylie and classmates go.

Running Race - Kylie enjoying being last.

Kerim practicing early - the sports of gaining attention from girls
Hoops race
Shooting bean bags in the basin! SHOOT!
GOSSIP ALERT: This is Kylie's first crush. Teeheeee
And despite being in different teams, Yellow and Blue, they always managed to keep each other close. Yeah - I find this cute NOW. UUGHH!
Kerim enjoying the tracks - rrruunnnn!
The boys!

As always, a good family event! Small things, great pleasures! ;) 

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  1. What a fun day and I love the pictures, especially the one of the little track runner LOL!

    I'm following.


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