Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Turkish Dishes: Muchver


I can still remember the time I cooked muchver for the first time. I was a student in the university away from home. It turned out not-so-good. I used a not-so hot vegetable oil in pan and since muchver is made out of a watery mixture - it turned too soft and oily.

One tip from my experience: make sure the pan and oil is very very hot before frying! Off to our recipe.

You will need:
3 medium size zucchini (You can also use potato instead of zucchini)
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup all purpose flour
2 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
fresh parsley
Optional: shredded carrot

For Sauce:
250 grams yogurt
fresh parsley
2 cloves of parsley or dill)

How to cook:
Shred the zucchinis; Make sure there's not too much (to almost none) water in the shredded zucchinis. Place the shredded zucchinis in a separate pot and mix with 2 eggs, salt, flour and shredded carrot. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

You can place the mixture into the hot pan with a big spoon and start frying.

How to cook the sauce: Shred garlic pieces and chopped parsley, mix with yogurt

Serve the muchver with the sauce on top. You can also sprinkle some dried red pepper on top of your sauce.

Afiyet Olsun!

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  1. This sounds very good. I will try it. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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