Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Turkish Dishes: Sultan's Dessert

A must try dessert!
Sultan Dessert

I got this dessert from one of the good Ottoman Restaurant in Turkey. In Turkish , they call it ''Padisah Tatlisi''

You will need:

2 cups of semolina
1 table spoon pine nuts
100 gr butter
ready made cream - canned , you can find at any supermarket.
and some cinnamon


First , melt the butter in a hot pan. Add the pine nuts and semolina
When pine nuts turn brownish,  you can add the 2 cups of milk and 1.5 cup of water to the mixture. Add 1 cup of sugar in to the pan and boil it about 10 minutes.

When it's warm, pour in to the cups. Let it cool in a room temperature.

Remove the semolina from the cup and divide to two layers carefully then add cream (2 table spoon would be enough)on the bottom part and cover with the second layer.

Finally top with a pinch of cinnamon on each cup.

Afiyet olsun!

Wife's Note: Husband's giving everyone at home lots of reason to smile. Dessert this time..

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