Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exploring Izmir: Buca Park and Pazar

It seems like yesterday that we were in Turkey visiting friends. The memories made during the quick visit will stay in our hearts despite being in Doha. We are very keen to get back soon and meet again these lovely Turk friends.

On our way to Denizli, Pamukkale, we had to stay the night in Izmir to be able to catch the bus early in the morning. Cihangir's bestfriend, Cinucen, invited us to stay the night in their beautiful home with open arms. And what a night it was.

To entertain the kids, we walk through the Buca Park and explored the Pazar (Market - similar to the Fish Mark, Fruit and Vegetable Souq we went to last Friday) and we were able to get fresh fish, fruits and vegetable for dinner.

At the park with Cinucen
Kylie meeting someone at the park - tskkkk
Lemons, anyone?

say cheese!
fancy dinner with great friends

bestfriends, raki and EFES! - happiness!
Izmir is such a lovely place indeed, but nothing compared to how big heart of the people residing in the city. It may not be as touristic destination as Istanbul or Denizli, but it will always be special for the Turknoys. Until we meet them again.

Keep exploring!

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