Sunday, April 1, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 and Beyond!

Kylie's Logo for Earth Hour 2012! 
Earth our yay.  For one our.

So how did you celebrate your Earth Hour 2012? If you are in Doha, did you dine in one of the hotels participating in Earth Hour? I bet it was fun, romantic and meaningful. I've heard that Grand Hyatt and Wyndham Hotel offered scrumptious dinner in candlelight. Sounds so fabulous, right?

As for us, we stayed home and turned off the lights thirty minutes early. The kids usually sleep at 8PM especially during school times.

Kerim tried to blow the candles out. After several unsuccessful tries to keep the candle light, we gave up and tried to sit still in the dark. After two minutes or so, Kerim started pushing the sofa towards the light switch and turned on the lights. Haha!

Kylie on the other had, enjoyed drawing her Earth Hour card for all. Okay, using her iPad may not be as earth-friendly but it was only for few minutes.

It was a fun night with lots of laughter. We should do it at the very least every month, after all, every hour should be Earth Hour.

It's actually pretty easy, it's not all about the lights anyway. It could be about saving fuel, (walking instead of taking the car), water conservation (recycling water used in the bath), other resource conservation initiatives (garbage recycling, paper recycling, waste reduction) and environmental awareness (reading a book about environment protection.)

It's a good idea, right? Now, let's see if our family can sustain this.

Here's us hoping that everybody does their part in environmental protection not only during yearly Earth Hour.

Keep exploring!

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