Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Chowking

It's been more than two years when Chowking restaurant made it here in Qatar. So far, there are two branches. The first branch is close to The Centre and the bigger branch, the second one is along Al Saad.

We mostly visit Al Saad branch since it is also popular for birthday parties among our Filipino friends. It is also very much accessible for a quick lunch or dinner.

The service is great; food is almost similar to the taste in Philippines especially the HALO HALO. Not the tokwa't baboy though, I know that is asking too much. Instead, they have chicken skin and tofu.

The Al Saad branch would have been better with a play area but Kerim can improvise anyways.

Gotta love the taste of food back home. I just hope that they deliver. Apparently, due to change workforce, they have stopped their delivery service. Shame.

Priceless smile

he's actually acting the part of the grumpy hungry customer here!

look - he found his play area! 

lauriat is a common choice for lunch! 


here goes the kanin monster! 
Gotta love the freshly cooked food in Chowking.

Keep exploring!

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