Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Why McDonalds

We know that McDonalds is so NOT healthy. We don't eat at McDo everyday but we do go occasionally especially now that summer season is upon us here in Doha. There's really not much choice.

There are benefits of going to McDonalds. A LOT of benefits actually. Our top three benefits which are our favorite to take advantage of are:

A typical McDonalds Play area 
1. PLAY AREA.  It's almost similar to the indoor play area in the mall and it's FREE! The slides are even higher and nicer than some of the slides all over Doha malls. There are similar play areas but we need to pay at least QR10, and when we're really unlucky, that's the per hour rate. Well, we rather hang out in McDonalds and enjoy the play area than pay that much.

2. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. There are lots of McDonald's all over the city and it's accessible. The McDonalds in the Airport Road is just five minute drive away from us. It's easy to be spontaneous when it's that close. Kids want to watch TV all the time? Bribe them and take them to the nearest McDonalds. (I know, if you are vying for the Parent of the Year, kindly stop reading now and tolerate our personal parenting choice  - we do acknowledge that we suck anyways!)

3. HAPPY MEALS! The free toys are getting more educational lately. Maybe it's the lack of kids movie who will sponsor the happy meals toys but we are LOVIN' the science toys and characters the past month in McDonald's Doha. The kids are learning a lot and  it even became their favorite toy.
we simply love the Madame Alexander books - these characters are  perfect for reading book
we loved this CRAZY SCIENCE TOYS; shame it ended last week but we were able to get three toys!

This cute contraption is our favorite. Hooray for free useful and education toy! 

Yes- we may be trying to justify our visit to McDonalds. Let's give them the benefit of doubt that this might be true:

believe it or not - going to McDo is  hard habit to break!

Keep exploring!

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