Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Babyshop Spring Promotion

Haven't been to the mall lately (believe it or not, since December - HOORAY for us!) so we were a bit overwhelmed when we saw lots of spring promotions. And since we were at the mall with a purpose, off we went to Babyshop.

They have this promotion in big letters: GET A QR50 GIFT VOUCHER EVERY TIME YOU SPEND QR 200!

what a crappy promotion!

We got lot of stuff and what a sucker we had been. Big fat bummer - I was so pissed. The gift voucher is only limited to certain items - CRAPPY AND VERY EXPENSIVE LIMITED ITEMS. Serves as right for not reading the Terms and Conditions? There was none posted!

Not to mention that these "limited" items are scattered and to make it even more challenging - some of the items not included in these items are mixed together. So, we accidentally picked two of the items which does not belong and that's when the customer service became the worst we ever experienced. We have to fall in line twice and we made it a point to tell them that the items were mixed and they couldn't care less. All they said is "It's not part of the promotion and you need to choose again!" Well, if they were sorting out the items properly, we wouldn't have chosen the wrong crappy items. CRAPPY! Did I say CRAPPY already! CRAPPY!

The worst promotion I've ever encountered in Doha. It's a good thing that we really need what we went there for.

Just one of those days....

Keep exploring!

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