Friday, April 13, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Applebees

Our family loves Applebees. We used to go to Applebees a lot in Al Saad way before kids and together with our extended family the past years but due to high inflation and cost saving schemes of the family, we only go to Applebees during special occasion.

And what a special occasion it was last time we went there. I was celebrating my FIVE (5) years in my current work!  My work has given me and my family great blessings and it really must be celebrated. Well. I'm a firm believer that everyday is a celebration anyways. Five years in one company - that is a great great GREAT blessing! I sure hope I could last another five, and or more  - oh boy!

We always enjoy going to Applebees, service is really good but as I have mentioned, the past two years we noticed an increase in price. Before we used to spend QR200 for all members of the family (with grandmother, aunt and uncles included) however, now, lunch for four person (plus the Turknoy kids) amounted to almost QR400 - a week worth of groceries. It's not that fancy, yet it's not that affordable either.

We ate at Applebees Villagio, the branch is new and being a Friday when we went there, it was pretty crowded. We noticed how tired all the crew looked but kudos to them for still giving quality service. This is way definitely better than Bennigans no pun intended.

The only drawback is that there's no play area for kids. Well, they had fun coloring their kids book and messing up the menu so I suppose that served as their entertainment. Plus they were too busy fighting for food with the adults anyways. Bring the kids really starved in the restaurant and they will not look for play area (our personal tip- there you go! haha!)

our favorite appetizer sampler  in Applebees 

finished in less than six minutes! we were starved! 

shrimp trio

our sweetie's kid's dessert 

our shared dessert! (taste like Turkish dessert so it was all worth it!) 

Now I am craving for Applebees again! It's always awesome dining out in Doha with family especially during special occasions!

Keep exploring!

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