Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another McDonald's Breakfast Experience

It's been a year since we had McDonald's breakfast here in Doha. I can still remember the excitement of had a year ago: for the Egg McMuffin, the hash brown, the big breakfast.

Last weekend, we started it off by going to McDonalds with kids. Read: woke up late and was too lazy to cook.

It was a good experience. There are breakfast services in almost all McDonald's branches near us. Plus there are improvements.

1. UNLIMITED COFFEE REFILL - which is so awesome and;

It looks like they are catering to Filipino breakfast appetite! Ha! They should offer in their menu friend rice and sausage then!

the little boy having his big breakfast! 

still sleepy ;)

The Karaoke - just go select the song and sing while eating

breakfast Karaoke Challenge

When was the last time you had your breakfast at McDonalds? How did you like ti?

Keep exploring!

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