Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Doha 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter has come and gone in Doha like a normal day. We were not supposed to do anything at all since we have prepared our Easter Eggs already and just planned to have the egg hunt on Easter Day.

As being spontaneous is one of our family values (more like Mommy's trait), we decided Saturday morning to go to the Movenpick Hotel event for Easter. And within an hour or so, the kids are already enjoying painting eggs and decorating cookies and Mommy and Daddy chat away.

shaping their cookies!

Kerim is definitely enjoying being a chef for the day! 

egg coloring this time!

my chefs - and loving donuts too!

there were bunnies, but not the Easter Bunny 

decorating cookies - YUM!

The kids had a fantastic time hanging out with other kids while waiting for their cookies. There were a lot of donuts consumed as well.

It was a great Saturday celebrating Easter Sunday. I know it's weird but we are in Doha and enjoying these celebrations in a weird way is part of the deal. No complains here, we think it's awesome.

If you and your family are celebrating Easter like we do, HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter!

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