Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Qatar Cinema: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

During the school term break, we allowed the kids to stay up late and watch a late screening of The Pirates: Band of Misfits. The kids like it a lot especially the 3D part; can't help but adore the tiny 3D glasses for kids at City Centre. We always tend to go to The Mall Cinema because it is much closer to us but watching in the City Centre Cinema does make a lot of difference for viewing pleasure.

Anyway, the movie is not really for kids only - we have laughed out loud together as family and it was pretty amazing.

Here is the movie trailer:

Yes - that  was Hugh Grant's voice. He is Pirate Captain. That's a thumbs up from Mommy of course.
The animation is great coming from the maker of Chicken Run but there are some lousy writing in the movie.  The story is about Pirate Captain vying for Pirate of the Year Award. It's a bit cheesy and no-brainer movie but the script, as I have said has its moments.

It was good fun for the kids and for us too. We did laugh our booty off  - confused Kylie what the real meaning of "booty" is. HAHA!

Gotta love term breaks!

eating his corn for the movie! 

Pirate Daddy all set to watch the movie!

Here's the plot from Wikipedia since the movie is about to released in other parts of the world, including US. Go figure, this was released first in UK and Middle East.  The part of the world where BOOTY is commonly used secretly.

A crew of amateur pirates, under the direction of the ambitious, but equally inexpert Pirate Captain, try to plunder ships so that the Pirate Captain can accomplish his dream of winning the Pirate of the Year Award and outsmart his rivals, Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz. After various failed raids on useless ships - including a plague boat, a nudist boat, and a ghost ship - they hijack the Beagle and encounter Charles Darwin, who informs them that Polly, the supposed parrot of the pirate crew, is actually the last living dodo. The pirates go with Darwin and his trained chimpanzee Mr. Bobo to London to show Polly to the Royal Society. Their plan is a success, but the pirates (who are disguised as scientists) are unmasked by Queen Victoria, who hates pirates.
The Pirate Captain leaves Polly with the queen in return for a pardon and a large gold treasure. He presents the treasure at the Pirate of the Year competition, but is disqualified and exiled when his pardon is discovered; in addition, his crew abandons him when they learn that he sold Polly. Returning to London in an attempt to save Polly, the Pirate Captain reunites with Darwin. Together, they find out that Queen Victoria is planning to eat Polly and other rare animals at a secret meeting with other heads of state on her flagship, the QV1. The duo hijack an airship from the Royal Society, and flew to the QV1 and confront Victoria. With the support of the pirate crew and Mr. Bobo, they are able to save Polly, sink the QV1 and defeat Victoria. In the end, the Pirate Captain learns the value of friendship and loyalty while Darwin finds a girlfriend on the Galapagos Islands and Mr. Bobo joins the pirate crew.

Keep exploring!

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