Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrating Earth Hour 2012 in Doha

Earth Hour 2012 in Doha once again! It's that time of the year again when the world put emphasis on the importance of worldwide effort to protect the planet earth.

All throughout the year, the Turknoys have been reading a lot of books and doing lots of activities about protection of the planet. It's a continuous effort from everyone in the planet, kids and adults alike. However, we really really like the idea of Earth Hour. It's one hour exclusively for the Earth celebrated by everyone.

We are here again in Doha as we were last year. We maybe celebrating  tomorrow night at Aspire Park as there are activities for kids during the Earth Hour. However, seeing that there will be school and work day after, it might be pretty challenging for the kids to be awake. Normally, kids are already fast asleep by 8PM. We might celebrate a little earlier.

A little news about Earth Hour Doha:

DOHA: The Qatar National Convention Centre, the Khalifa Torch Tower and Sheraton Doha are among buildings in the city to join Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York and world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa to switch off at 8.30pm tomorrow for Earth Hour 2012. 
This is the fourth consecutive year Qatar will be part of Earth Hour in which more than a billion people in over 135 countries participate in the largest global voluntary action on climate change. 
Several organisations such as Movenpick Hotel, The One, HSBC and Q-Tel which have been participating since 2009, will be joined by Qatar University, the Four Seasons, the Intercontinental hotel, Qatar Building Company and even the Pearl as they switch off lights to show their support. 
A highlight of this year’s local Earth Hour event is the Earth Hour Unplugged in which Qatar’s youngsters will have the opportunity to come together at Aspire Park for a fun-filled hour of music, entertainment and a chance to get involved in efforts to protect the planet.
Attending an event is not the only way that people can participate. Simply by switching off lights for the hour, everyone can be part of this unique annual event. THE PENINSULA

Hope everyone will participate. One hour, one person , one family can make a big difference. Furthermore, here's us hoping that we practice Earth-friendly activities beyond Earth Hour.

YES - go beyond the hour we can and we will! 

Save Mother Earth!

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