Monday, April 30, 2012

850-Year Old Tree in Turkey

Turkey is a very beautiful country with lots of museums and ruins to explore. Yet with very young kids, we try to explore the country with them wherein they can learn some great values they could later on apply in day-to-day living. One of them is  caring for the environment and saving planet earth.

What better way to teach them to save a tree by showing them how trees grow old to be 850-year-old? And what an amazing sight and experience it has been with the enormous tree close to Akcay where we stayed the summer 2011.

The kids had fun attempting to embrace the tree. Kylie even wished for people not to cut trees anymore so there will be more trees reaching the age of dinosaurs. Ha! We can wish and we can work for it, we noted.

After having fun with the tree, we had a great picnic close to the tree.

have you ever  been close to a very old tree?

850-year-old tree, 30 meters tall and 860 cm wide = awesome!

This reminds me to put up a picture tree at home with this tree to consistently remind the children about the importance of tree. Maybe someday, when they are older, we can get back and see if there are other observations they can come up with relative to their ages.

Keep exploring!

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