Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Dairy Queen

Breakfast. Ice Cream. Birthday Party. Open 24 hours. That's Dairy Queen. We used to love hanging out here every morning back to the days we were still pretty much a couple, no kids. Those were the days. When we got invited to a birthday party here, we were reminded it's not a bad place to hang out with kids as well. They have a play area the kids love.  And of course, ICE CREAM!

We like the space allocated for birthday party and actually considering the kids' birthday party here. If one of those days we feel lazy like taking the kids to McDonald's play area, will consider taking that 10-minute drive to Dairy Queen as the play area is much better than McDonald's. And it's something different. Something to get the kids going hyper during Doha summer. Not excited at all for that, though.

Swiss Mushroom Burger +  fries +cola = sluggishness and fat tummy, yummm!

while eating burger, kids are burning off  their energy - awesome!

and then eat again! 

waiting for the birthday party to start!

a quite spacious area for a simple birthday celebration - great! 

Keep exploring!

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