Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Fun

We have yet to attend Easter activities for kids here in Doha this year. We improvised and made a fun messy play. As our creativity as parents are extremely limited, we did what we could with what we have at home. And what fun and mess we made.

We attempted to color eggs for Easter egg hunt, but we made more mess than colored eggs. It was all good fun.

Step 1: Draw on the egg. 

Step 2: Prepare the egg dye: food colors + vinegar (olive oil optional) 

Step 3: Concentrate :)

Step 4: Get ready with the egg! 

Step 5: Dip, paint, finger paint or whatever method the kids like to do with the eggs! 

Step 6: Make a lot of mess! 

Step 7: Enjoy the mess!

Step 8: Make sure to torture the parents with the mess!

Step 9: Set aside the eggs for Easter egg hunt!

Well the kids did enjoy and the parents got extra exercise cleaning up the floor.

How would you celebrate Easter? Happy Easter everyone!

Keep exploring!

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