Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doha Event: Second International Carpet Show

This is the second international carpet show in Doha. Last year carpet show was much bigger though. We just so happened to be at the Qatar International Exhibition Centre during the QP Environment Fair 2012, so we passed by the carpet show briefly.

I suppose the kids were tired from the environment fair and didn't appreciate much the carpet show as much as they did last year. They did however, enjoyed the "ruins" design and was able to relate it to Turkey. Most of the carpets are from Iran though. And yes, very expensive.

carpets from Iran 

More carpets from Iran

Lots of design to choose from 

No flying carpet for Kylie though

Inpsector Kerim doesn't look like happy!

he was curious about this decor though! 

The Carpet Show this year is until 20th April. We'll try again next year. Who knows we will be able to find our flying carpet.

Keep exploring!

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