Friday, April 20, 2012

And Yet Another Bad Experience in Bennigans Al Dafna

We didn't like the Bennigan's the last time we visited. Yet, one rainy Friday morning, we went all the way to visit Bennigan's again. We are looking for a perfect birthday party place for our birthday celebrant next month and we thought about this enormous play area in Bennigan's. Maybe it was worth the celebration. And we were wrong. Bennigan's DO NOT cater to birthday parties. Shame but we believe (opinion) that the management simply give up on long term vision about the restaurant or simply they are too established in the industry to improve or bother with services such as kids birthday party or maintaining the facilities of the restaurant (even cleaning for crying out loud!).

Anyway, just thought I'd share this fact about birthday parties as we have received a lot of queries about Bennigan's through this blog.

Some of our favorite photos during our visit:

Bennigans Play Area In doors - huge area but unmaintained and way too dirty for kids 
outdoor play area in Bennigans

the kids simply love the big space! 

It's so big that one of the Playground Rule is: NO PLAYING FOOTBALL
I'm guessing a lot have tried and broke this rule.

sugar high! - it's really not that good (tasted like sugar with strawberry flavor!)

he doesn't look happy with the food

chicken breast!

Bennigan's Appetizer - including "sloppy fries in salad" - not delectable at all!

and here's more sign to emphasize the rule - DON'T PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE PLAY AREA! 

Overall, it is an option for kids and family get together, just probably not on a Friday.

Keep exploring!

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