Monday, April 16, 2012

Doha Event: QP Environment Fair 2012

It's this kind of event that make us love Doha more! Where else would we be encourage to do something noble like saving planet earth while receiving freebies, lots of goodie bags, free food, free play area and freedom to join environment friendly competition. A superb event! It was a fun filled spectacular and noble afternoon spent at QP Environment Fair 2012.  It's similar to QP Environment 2011 but much better.

One of the greatest benefit for us - this is another awesome way to encourage kids to save planet earth.

We did enjoy the free goodie bags a LOT as much as everyone. But we were a bit sad to notice that a lot of  visitors focused on grabbing these freebies as much as they can to the point of hoarding. Kinda beat the purpose of optimizing resources and energy to save planet earth. How low could anyone be when it comes to free notebooks and crayons is simple beyond us. We're just a bit affected because we get passed by a lot of times which prevented the Turknoys to enjoy every booth. We were particular to the kids' activities and our focus is that they enjoy and learn from the event as much as they could. Not to be bring home some crayons which eventually be a culprit of our messier home.

I don't really mean to rant but I was  really embarrassing especially when one family started begging to be given MORE and MORE freebies like the bag contains diamond and gold or they haven't eaten in years and the bag contains a piece of bread for the entire family. Okay, a bit exaggerated but seriously!

It's great that the environment fair was not done on a weekend unlike last year. If this was weekend, it could have been worse.

In an environment fair, ask what you can do for the environment and NOT (so NOT!) what freebies you can get.

Anyway, we did enjoy the event a lot and yes, we did get some freebies after kids enjoy the environment-friendly activities. Most importantly, our kids learn a thing or two about the environment.

And on to our favorite photos of the event:

QP Environment Fair 2012 
with Raffle promotion and the  booth we need to visit to claim the goodie bag!
let's color!

someone is enjoying doodling!

I really want to find these bins in all Doha public areas! waste segregation please NOW!

with the QP Environment Fair mascot! 

our favorite booth is QATALUM!

freebies from QATALUM - these are the finished product; we still have to make ours at home

recycled chairs our of boxes - superb idea!

and its sturdy and functional indeed!







more coloring activities!

now onto science, crab anatomy! kids had spent long time scrutinizing crab body parts

Rant aside, it was a great time spend with kids and will definitely visit again next year. But we are hoping that there should be some sort of screening for the visitors; to identify who are those who will visit for the freebies and who are those who wish to learn about the environment. We are certainly the latter.

Keep exploring!

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