Monday, April 23, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Thai Snack

This has to be the most famous Thai food in Doha. If you are in Doha, and you don't know Thai Snack Restaurant, helloooooo! Come out of that Doha rock and dine out in Thai Snack.  Our favorite Thai Snack branch is the one close to Doha Clinic. We have been going in this restaurant and ordering the same food periodically (at least every month!) since me and husband met. This is also my favorite place to hang out every time we are pregnant. Ha ha - yeah, and that's all the time.

We admire how efficient their service is, not to mention that the staff are always friendly despite the way too many customers piling up. If there is one thing in Doha that do not disappoint us - it's this restaurant. Well, except when they are close for a couple of days which happens once every year.

real mean wear and drink pink! 

devouring the spring roll 

lunch is served: thai fried rice and sweet and sour fish

Thai fried rice up close

our favorite sweet and sour fish at Thai Snack 

Keep exploring!


  1. Love Thai Snack! Didn't realize there was more than one branch though. Where's the other?

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