Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Cha Cha Mexican Grill

Cha Cha Mexican Grill - it's not Taco Bell  but it will do for  now in Doha! (not that Taco Bell is the best Mexican Food but it's a favorite!) It's been such a long time that we were craving for same tacos and chimichangas and oh my oh my was our craving satisfied. 

We did exert a bit lot of effort going to Cha Cha Mexican Grill. It is located in WOQOD Al Rayyan Petrol Station which is in just after a very busy round about. We went there on a Wednesday and it is already so congested. 

Luckily, the restaurant has no customers at all. We had it all to ourselves. Of course, the service was really fast and the ambiance so relaxed. We interviewed the crew and they said that it's never really that crowded in the place. I think it makes sense since the restaurant is located in the petrol station - I wouldn't really fancy dining close to the petrol station, but that is just us. 

The food tasted Mexican to us - but don't count on us - we are not Mexican! Duh! But the husband was pretty satisfied with his burrito - and he happily said pretty much the same as what he was used to have back in US. 

Food prices are not  bad for a fast food! It's more expensive than what we would normally pay in McDonalds but way cheaper compared to a semi-Mexican dish in Chili's or Applebees. And they have refillable drinks so it's a pretty much a great place to hang out for some. 

We just wished it was nearer to us so everytime we craved tacos or burritos, we could easily go. Let's hope they expand to different branches in Doha! 

K2 with the very friendly crew of Cha Cha 

Cha Cha Mexican Grill and their phone number for anyone interested!

K2 with our dishes of tacos and chimichangas 

delicious at QR20 



A very happy customer!
Afiyet Olsun!



  2. I've tried it and was an enjoyable experience eating delicious and the atmosphere is great very nice

  3. Aha! I was looking for someone else's opinion on this place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I tried it last night. Like you said, the place was relaxed and clean, but in my opinion the food was just okay. Restaurant food in Qatar is very salty, and this place was no different. But I did appreciate them making my meal as spicy as requested.

    To be honest I could make a more authentic, flavorful taco at home for far less money — and I'm neither Mexican nor an expert cook — but sometimes we're just too tired to deal with dirty dishes in the sink, so I'm not complaining. :)

  4. fuck this food.tastes like shit,from black people.

  5. This restaurant has a new owner now, and it's a Lebanese restaurant serving shawermas instead of tacos and borritos. Sigh. And we're back to having zero Mexican restaurants in the country.


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