Friday, June 15, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Red Lobster

Red Lobster: Fresh Fish. Live Lobster! 

Red Lobster Doha is open! We were all so psyched about this restaurant as we for all the things new in Doha no matter how trivial it is. But this is nowhere near trivial! We love lobster, seafood, great dining and fast food! And this is all of that - so off we went to combat the traffic, the lack of parking and the waiting for table. 

We went there almost lunch time and it was really a feat to conquer. The queue of cars alone is enough to make us heading to the closest Chili's! But it's really something we were looking forward to. The expectations are high! 

Did Red Lobster Doha meet our expectations? In a way yes! We love the gung-ho attitude of the crew which made the customer service superb! We just love fresh blood in Doha - we get good customer service. 

To quote the server: "Hi Madam, Hi Sir, I am Elvis and I am here to make sure you are happy!" That's just something we almost never hear in Doha. Usually, they say - " I am here to take your order..." and the implied statement.. "and to annoy the hell out of you.." 

New Restaurant. Fresh blood.  Great service. 

The food is not what we expected, though. It was served so quickly, yes. The price is reasonable, alright. But there's something missing about the food and presentation. Maybe because there were lots of people and the kitchen crew were overwhelmed with orders. 

The food didn't tasted  good enough to make us crave for more. And usually we do, even if we were not hungry. And we were hungry that time. And we love lobster. 

Maybe because we got so filled up by the two servings of Red Lobster Biscuits. Yes, that was really good. The kids couldn't get enough even though we had two servings. Fantastic biscuits! 

The queue - be very patient! 

Done with the kids activity for the day: staring at the live lobsters while waiting!

Red Lobster Biscuits - we want more! 

And he simply can't just wait - grabbing the biscuits!

she likes it too! 

he says: Superb taste! ;)

kids meal are ho-hum though

red lobster pizza!

wood-grill lobster tail! 

He's hungry! 

Fighting over dessert! hahaha!
So, the kids meal didn't really please the kids and their kids book is really not that cool -  oh boy, we are in  dilemma here. The dessert is not something to die for but we didn't try the cheesecake anyways. Maybe next time..

Overall, we were delighted. And I don't quite often say that. So, it's worth checking out the Red Lobster in town! 

Enjoy and do let us know what you think.

Afiyet Olsun!

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