Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Chili's

How we love Chili's! This is THE restaurant we can't live without in Doha! We have celebrated birthdays, welcomed newcomers to Doha, celebrated new friends and gave despedidas here! And the kids socialization is consist mainly of Chili's. 

We also hate Chili's sometimes! We go there too often that we have analyzed their customer service problem. And yes - there is a problem! There's way too much delay in service during weekends and peak hours. We avoid going to this restaurant during these times but sometimes we just can't help going there because of the kids schedule. The restaurant has good great customer service because of its awesome staff! Food is delayed during peak hours because they are understaffed! I know it's none of my business to criticize the lack of manpower in the restaurant but when my family waits while we starved while being ignored at the restaurant, I tend to complain and rant about it! Well, it doesn't happen very often but the Chili's management need to do something about.

Like all things in Doha, customer service has its moments. Overall, we love it there! 

Our Princess K1 celebrated her 4th, 5th and 6th birthday in Chili's!
We celebrated Tita Minay's graduation in Chili's!

It became a tradition in the family: Whoever has the biggest smile, obviously didn't have to pay! 

A typical family order in Chili's!
Afiyet Olsun,

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