Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exploring Edremit: Altar of Zeus

Another semi-trekking opportunity for us is to visit Altar of Zeus in Edremit, Turkey. How cool it is to visit the altar for Zeus, no other than the King of the Gods during the Polytheist Era! Gotta love that  idea, if not the long walk up under the pine trees. It is approximately 900 meters to reach the altar from where we parked the car.

The altar is a huge rock on the edge of the cliff with a small stair carved to the rock to get to the altar. Right after this stair is a plane rectangular surface. The view is simply breathtaking.  A real splendid landscape!

This is definitely one summer activity for kids in Turkey. A lesson in mythology and geography at the same time! Awesome!

K1 dreading the trek up to the Zeus Altar - 900 meters to go! 

K2 already looking tired while Dad is very happy! 

Leng and Betul and the gorgeous view of Adetepe village (almost visible)

closer view of Adetepe village from the trek leading to Zeus Altar!

we just love the view going up!

View from Zeus Altar! Heavenly 

Kids got tired so they sat on the altar! 

By the cliff of the altar, other side of the view! Still breathtaking!
Keep exploring!

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