Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Carluccio's

We finally enjoyed the breakfast at Carluccio's! We waited too long for this breakfast at the Pearl but it was worth the wait. It's not 100% authentic Italian food here in Doha but it comes close.

It was not easy to find also for us. At the big round about, we turned right, instead of turning left. So if you are visiting the restaurant, it is at P7. Turn left after the big round about and follow the sign. I think P7 is still under construction right now but there is still a HUGE arrow pointing to the parking entrance of Carluccios. We missed it but we it's a habit of ours to miss important signs. We were able to turn back immediately and after parking the car, it was all breeze finding the restaurant.

The kids are so fond of eggs, and they definitely loved the eggs at Carluccio's. We didn't get to sit outside and enjoy the excellent view while eating because it was already sizzling hot and humid at early mornings. That's a big shame. Although, the kids enjoyed running around inside the restaurants freely. But hey, these kids can run around inside any restaurants no matter how tiny the place is. But in the case of Carluccios, they had some space to run around without irritating other customers who were eating at that time.

We definitely love the kids pack. It's a coloring puzzle. Plus, the pencil colors look elegant and not cheap! The kids had a good time while waiting for the breakfast.

The husband find the food good enough. Not so-so like any other restaurants he tried but not extra good. It's in between his taste. Well, that's not so good then.

It's a good place, though not extraordinary in Doha. We have enjoyed the Opera more this time around. Would we come back? Maybe for lunch or dinner during winter time.

It is a bit expensive for our taste but nothing we can't make at home. If we are going for breakfast again, it would be just to relax and have a long breakfast with husband. 

The kids pack so posh!

my chocolata!


my egg florentine! I enjoyed every bit of this!

breakfast combo! 
husband does not look impressed!

but hey, they devoured the food and nothing is left. 

Keep exploring!

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