Friday, June 15, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Fridays

In here it's always Friday!

Wouldn't it be nice if it's always Friday? It will always be holiday this part of the world! Awesome world it would be!

Anyhow, it is also an awesome experience eating at Fridays! We tried the Friday's at Al Saad when it opened last January 2012 and we were not satisfied with the lousy customer service. The food also is not as good as the one in Landmark and Villagio! We were hoping that since they are new in Al Saad, they would at least follow the same quality of service Fridays is known for.

Even if we love the big spacious restaurant with the fancy American settings, we didn't come back since then.

We did however try again in Landmark and we realized they have the lunch promotion - imagine a complete meal at Fridays for only QR35! Really not bad at all! It was worth checking out during weekdays between 11am - 3pm!

And hoops, there's a new Fridays opposite Al Ahli Hospital. Wonder if the food and service is okay!

What to eat in Fridays?

Nothing less than a steak! Well, this steak blows! BLAHH!

looks like someone love that astronaut a lot

K1 and astronaut - wee! 


silly beautiful girl by the door of Fridays!

the handsome husband choosing his meal! 

the handsome Turknoy men!

TGI LUNCH! Complete mean for QR35

Another sinful dessert! OREO CHEESECAKE! 
Afiyet Olsun!

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