Friday, June 29, 2012

Criminal Minds and Internet Safety

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” - Eric Schmidt 

I have been an avid fan of Criminal Minds the past two years. I think I have watched all episodes and now re-watching it again since the it's summer and in between seasons. I actually have written about the  "Parenting Lessons From Criminal Mind." It's always fun watching the series! I have to squeeze it to my working mom schedule as my "me-time." A time well spent.

Recently, my online friends (I have a lot, although very few close ones!) have discovered someone who is a big scam! She surprised all of us with her identity theft incidents, lies and God-knows what else. It is really scary that she preys on mothers like us who are vulnerable to gain a lot of friends who share about the same passion - our kids. To use our kids as a ruse is such a disdain.

I am now scared about the internet. I have pictures of my kids and family members in the internet and social networks. And out of nowhere, I've seen this episode of the Criminal Minds: Season 5, Episode 22: The Internet is Forever

It is a story about the serial killer/ unsub  who uses social media network to learn about the victims' routines and to eventually kill them while video streaming  the scene online.

To quote Ross (not verbatim, though): "Sushi for lunch, yumm..., My boss made me work late tonight, grrr.. "WHO IS A PERSON SO IMPORTANT THAT WE WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THIS KIND OF DETAIL" - this actually made me laugh! Everyone wants to be important that a lot of "followers and friends" would actually comment from the status post. I know I feel that. Aren't we all some sort of narcissists?

I won't stop blogging; blogging makes me calm and put things in perspective with all things going on with the family. It helps me to plan and prioritize my kids activites. But I will be cautious and vigilant due to the recent incidents. It is scary. I hope she realizes have karma. Things she did will come back to haunt her. But I will not stoop down to her level and will not degrade her (publicly or privately.) I hope people like this realizes that there is nothing to gain but lots of hatred from friends. Shame.

I hope I made my two points: Internet could be bad, and if this turns out bad for us, I have watched Criminal Minds series, all of its episodes, twice. Yes, they will never find your body AND they will never even know you are gone. Ever.

Stay vigilant!

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