Saturday, June 23, 2012

Qatar Cinema: Madagascar 3

We really haven't seen Madagascar 3 in Qatar Cinemas! It's just way too scary to be in the cinema nowadays with the safety issues! Both cinemas in Villagio and City Centre are closed indefinitely. The two malls are closed until safety issues are corrected.

We normally watched at The Mall but with the two cinemas are closed, we are scared it might get too crowded. And it gets more dangerous with many people in one confined space. I realized that the cinema in The Mall has only one exit! God forbid that fire happens, stampede may occur and a lot of other awful things in my mind. So we are waiting for a clear movie in the internet. This is where we get the movie: Madagascar 3

We read a lot of positive reviews how good the movie is. Shame that we can't watch this movie in the big screen. For now, it has to be good enough to watch downloaded movie.

Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and of course the penguins, for sure, will not let us down and will keep us laughing all through out the movie, we hope!

Relax and watch a movie!

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