Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reading Chapter Books: Jumbo Jets - Gosh look Teddy, it's a Werewolf!

We have tried another chapter book and this time, it's a bit different. Gosh Look Teddy, It's a Werewolf Pb (Jumbo Jets) is not your typical adventure book! There's a lot of silliness and weird parts in this book. Made us look up who the author is as well as his other books. Bob Wilson has lots of books similar to this book that are worth checking out. This type of books is refreshing for both kids and adults alike.

The story is indeed a frightfully romantic story. Frightful and romantic are words that usually don't go with each other. Not even words to be used in the same sentence. It completely makes sense, though, to describe the book.

Who could have imagined that werewolves could co-exist much more fall in love and what if all teachers and all adults around kids were werewolves? Ha, now that is a thought.  Hideous adventure!

Here is K1's summary  of the book as well as her reactions. We hope that we are getting better with the recording as this is our fourth chapter book.


Keep reading!

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