Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exploring Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

One of the major landmark of Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar Istanbul is one of the oldest and largest covered market in the world with 61 streets and over 3000 shops! It is very easy to get lost in Grand Bazaar. The first time I went here was to shop for our wedding ring, wedding ring and other wedding "stuff." I don't remember any of stores. All I remember is the excitement among other feelings. 

The other times I went here is to but souvenirs for loved ones back home in Doha and Philippines. Not being fond of shopping, the funny incidents I remember is how tired and hungry I got. Since we usually visit Istanbul during the summer, it tends to be so hot during this period especially during with the big crowd. The heat, the crowd, the choices, the overwhelming things to buy, is synonymous to stress and boredom. 

The first 2-3 hours of exploring the Grand Bazaar is pure bliss. The history behind the infrastructures, the uniqueness of the place really lives up to its name, The Grand Bazaar! However,  3 hours or so of shopping, is really my tolerance. Well, I am properly fed with lots of Turkish dishes then I could still go on for the next 30 minutes, but usually, I get too impatient to even stand up. 

My mood aside, no one should visit Istanbul and not go to the Grand Bazaar. 

Turkish Viagra for sale! 

a typical summer crowd  at Grand Bazaar 

pashmina. Turkish decorations  and other kitchen stuff 

cheese and other Turkish goodies 
Turkish Delight and other Turkish sweet! 
i think this is the wholesale isle

woohoo- kokorec

I am tired and bored, can we go now?


baklava and other fattening yet very tasty sweets!

candies and other sugar-dishes! 

fresh fish!



A word of caution: plan what you want to buy at the Grand Bazaar or you will end up with lots of stuff you really don't need. It's very expensive a bit pricey shopping at the Grand Bazaar!


Keep exploring!

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