Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exploring Istanbul: Princess' Island

We've done a lot of exploring (while shivering at that) of the Princesses' Island during the winter. However, the best season to explore the island is during the summer and we've done that as well. 

We have enjoyed viewing the old Ottoman houses and poising at these fabulous houses. Oh how we wished we could own one someday! Who knows?! Dreamin' in the summer. 

What's so special about exploring in the summer is the trekking fun. Since the other side of the family is Christian (Roman Catholic), the Turk family thinks it is best for us to see churches all over the country. And there is one church on Princess' Island, just one trek away from the beach. And what a magnificent view of Istanbul we had experienced while climbing all the way to the top of the island. Church and the view - great reasons to burn calories trekking. Our little lady sure enjoyed the day in nature! And we will definitely miss this exploring this time of the year! 

The Pinay Auntie and the Turk Auntie 

Picnic Area in the Princess Island! 

All set to climb! 

posing in between trek

barely walking up ;) 

see the gorgeous view - awesome! 

loving the view and posing here and there! 

natural water! awesome! 

refreshed for posing!

and we get to pray - Catholic style in Istanbul island! 

inside the church writing her "WISH"
the view of Istanbul from the Princess Island! 

the other side of Istanbul from other side of the island!

Keep exploring!

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