Thursday, June 7, 2012

So, Whats Your Mix?

The recently launched Bayo ad, What's Your Mix?  became very controversial in the Philippines. It's a simple question - What's Your Mix? yet it turned out to be a very powerful marketing strategy. It borders into the "racism" instinct, that's why. A very human nature, not just with Filipinos.

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: This is our opinion and we don't intend to harm anyone's feelings.

It is a human nature to be racist. Filipinos are human beings. Hence, Filipinos are racist.

By definition of racisim:

: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Last month, when Filipinos unite to vote Jessica Sanchez to win the American Idol, that is great racism in action! We believe that Jessica Sanchez sings well because she's half-Filipino; all Filipinos love music or sings beautifully, hence we are proud to be Filipino because Jessica Sanchez almost won the American Idol. That's how we usually think. Well, at least that's how I think. I was teary eyed with so much pride whenever she was singing on American Idol. But  some part of me,  acknowledges that her success has nothing to do with being half-Filipino. It's all about how hard she worked to achieve her accomplishments in the show. Yet, a lot of us have voted with pride, even campaigning for her, noting that if she wins, it would be something our race would be proud of. Yes, I call that racism.

Sometimes, racism is good. It's synonymous to team work, to loyalty where you came from, to unity.

The way I see the Bayo ad is on the same line of thinking.

Bayo ad: 50% Australian, 50% Filipino

To quote the ad:

This is just all about MIXING and MATCHING. Nationalities, moods, personalities, and of course your fashion pieces. Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class. We always have that fighting chance to make ti in the world arena of almost all aspects. Be it Fashion. Music. Science and Sports. Having Filipino lineage is definitely something to be proud of. 
I agree, that Filipino blood is a good recipe for success as this is synonymous to talent, hard work and beauty. A lot have interpreted it as Filipinos need foreign blood to be great. We don't, of course. Some races are just way too lucky to have been mixed with our Filipino blood.

Well, I know for sure my husband feels proud that he married to a 100%  Filipina.

The other aspect of the ad is the breakdown of percentage of nationalities. How did they measure 80% Chinese, 20% Filipino. Does this mean that Filipino is a less superior race compared to her being a Chinese? Maybe it's relative and to each his own, right?

40% British and 60% Filipino - more Pinoy than Brit??

30% Indian and 70% Filipino - more Pinoy than Indian? 

80% Chinese and 20% Filipino - not proud of being a Filipino?

Which leads me to wonder what would be my children's mix? They are the perfect Turknoy mixture!

100% Filipino and 100% Turkish

If there is one thing in this blog that we represent, we represent being attached to both culture and there's not such thing as being 50% committed to something, be it nationality, language, relationship or fashion.

This is our thoughts on the Bayo as, care to share yours? Please be gentle.

Be 100% Happy!

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