Friday, April 1, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Bennigans

We thought we have struck gold when we saw how big the kids play area in the place, both inside and outside! Not to mention that the restaurant is really close to the Intercon Hotel where we go for gym and swimming.

But the place is really really old, the toilet has no hand dryer, and all staff seem to be a Bennigan's employee for ages, which in Doha, could be synonymous to really lousy customer service. It took them forever to take order, deliver them and give the bill! A big bummer.

The food is so-so and presentation doesn't look good. We couldn't wait to get out especially with two cranky kids looking for crayons in write on the kids activities. We requested crayons to two staff and of course, no one delivered.

thank God for fries to keep kids happy and quiet

Kylie was using my pencil instead of  their crayons!

On the positive note, the food prices is cheaper compared to Applebees and Chillis.

Keep exploring!

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