Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turknoys Joined the Summer Culture Swap

If there is one word to describe our Turknoy family, it is DIFFERENT. Differences from as trivial as food preferences to as important as religion and languages. This is what thisblog is all about. 

This blog is about a lot of differences in life within one family, yet the ability to embrace them, build respect and be surrounded by love.

Respect despite these differences - is the most vital lesson we want to inculcate our Turknoy kids. Despite the fact that all individuals take comfort in the familiar, in being a member of group of similar preferences, the ability to thrive in variety and to learn to respect things that are different is a very important value to learn in today's ever changing and ever global world.

When we saw the Worldwide Culture Swap, we were ecstatic to join. As a trial, we joined the Summer Culture Swap and we learned a lot by just studying a lot of things about Qatar. We picked our current home country at the moment since it's easier to grab things about Qatar. And besides, despite being the richest country in the world and being a limelight of the sports events for several occasions, a lot of people from all over the world does not know anything about Qatar. It is our aim to be an "ambassador" of Qatar for this particular group of people who are passionate about learning different cultures worldwide.

Here is our version of the things unique to Qatar:


  1. Arab Coin Bank (in the traditional costume in the Middle East called thobe) 
  2. A toy/ decor camel - a very common animal in the desert;
  3. A wall decor with Arabic transcription of "Allah" means God in Islam religion; with evil eye, an ornament used in the Middle East to avoid bad luck and attract good luck (a superstition.

A post card  from Qatar with Kylie's letter to her new friend from across the globe;
And a detailed map of Qatar with touristic attractions

Hope our package recipient would love the items inside! And we are definitely joining the culture swap for July!

Keep exploring!

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  1. You are so right that most people know very little about Qatar and I'm really excited to learn about it through your blog.

    Please tell us all you can! :)


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