Saturday, February 4, 2012

Qatar Cinema: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The 3rd day of February is another celebration of love in the family - MOVIE DATE! Qatar Cinema is  now showing Journey 2: The Mysterious Island!

We are feeling the love in this month way too much, right? A 3D movie, adventure genre and popcorn! Great times with family indeed. (Hoops, not with Kerim because he was sleeping and won't understand the concept of the movie anyways plus (BIG PLUS!) a peaceful way to watch a movie without running around with our hyperactive prince!)

tickets - checked! 

popcorns and drink checked

3D glasses checked - all set! 

At first I didn't want to watch the movie because it was not Brendan Fraser. Good thing my husband made me changed by mind. It's a great way to spend a lovely evening with family with Josh Hucherson, Dwayne Johnson and Michael Caine.

Kylie, as part of her writing skills, volunteered to write what the movie is about for our blog. Here she goes:

Sean wanted an adventure.
Hank his good stepfather did not let Sean go.
But Sean wanted to go. So hank let him to go with him. They found lots of scary creatures.
And Sean found his grandfather on the way. Don't just stand there he said.
They got in trouble with hummingbirds! but they got help with bees.
And they got trouble with a giant lizard in the way to!
They found a castle it happened 1000 years ago!
The next morning it was gone it was under water!
And they found a submarine they tried to turn on the electricity.
They got in trouble with electric eel. Hank killed it.
They went home at last.
And they had one more adventure to do at space.

She was referring to Atlantis - when she referred to a castle. She liked the movie a lot and requested me to get copies of the three books which were used to find the mysterious island. That's one good way to encourage kids to read. 

For movie timings in Qatar Cinema - just go to this link: Qatar Cinema: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Here's the video trailer for this must see movie: (check out this part - 2:17 - really a big hit for Kylie and the husband, okay for me too - damn right any woman will find that irresistible!)


 Relax, Enjoy and See a Movie!

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