Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kids Book in Doha: What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah

What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah? (Robert E. Wells Science) is definitely a good read. I am not sure this is available in Doha bookstores, we got it through Amazon in less than two weeks at a price much lower than it would have been here. The book,Why Do Elephants Need the Sun? is sold QR50 at US Embassy during the International Book fair two years ago. That's almost triple the price! International shipping rocks!

On to the book review, everybody in the family learned from it!  Kylie and Kerim love running so they can relate so much with how fast they can run and how fast all these animals can run. We then move on to different modes of transport - airplane and rocket and then smartly moving on the speed of meteorites and then the speed of light! Outstanding relationships of speed of things!

We will try to review in the next few days all the books from Robert Wells. So far, we love all his books! Highly recommended to get the kids curious about their environment. Seriously, even the adults in the house enjoy reading this book series.

Upcoming books for our review by Robert Wells:

We really love books, don't we? **winks***

Keep exploring!

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