Friday, February 24, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Thai Smile Restaurant

Dining out in Doha - Thai Smile Restaurant with friends! After the disappointing dinner at Sizzling Hotpot Resturant, craving was satisfied finally at Thai Smile.

I discovered a great Thai restaurant this morning through friends at work. It was a fabulous way to start the weekend. Although I have yet to take the Turknoys in this place, I'm sure it will be a hit. It's definitely Asian and it's close to one of our favorite Doha Park. Actually it is hidden in the Al Bidda Park! Perfect for a family who suck at packing a picnic basket.

Find at the other side of the Al Bidda Park (not the Corniche side) and walk to the fountain park. Just behind the not-so-tall date tree, hidden is the Thai Smile Restaurant. Well, if you find some restrooms instead of the restaurant, you are on the right track, just keep looking! Sometimes Most of the times, in Doha, great finds need to be searched not twice, but more than twice. And believe me, dining in this restaurant is really superb. All the dishes we ordered are just delectable  - Pad Thai, Tom Yang, Sukiyaki and Curry noodle - not sure what the name was.

by the Al Bidda Park Fountain

Thai Smile Restaurant 
It was a lovely afternoon with friends while I was at work and the family is at home. There goes my me-time for the day!

I am posting these photos without my friends permission - hope they don't mind.

We'll definitely visit Al Bidda Park and eat at this restaurant in the near future.

Love everything on the Thai Smile Menu

Scrumptious lunch to kick off the weekend!

Keep exploring!

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  1. did i say i definitely agree?? cheers to lemongrass, galanga, curry pate all those ingredients that make oriental food exotic!

    Dennis Pama


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