Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exploring Doha: New Parks in Aspire (2)

We simply just can't get over the new kids area in Aspire Park! After enjoying the bigger kids area close the Aspire Fountain yesterday, they went had to go to the new kids area in front of Grand Heritage Hotel Doha.

This kids area is smaller but there are fewer children. Two months back, this is the area where kids just run around and bike. Now, of course, they can still run around and bike but there will be a little a lot of distraction since the contraptions in the park are very hard to ignore for kids. There are slides, climb ons, swings, balance beam among others.

Another park day in Doha. Awesome!

up and up and up!! 

loving this slide! 

monkey bars again!

walking and balancing! 

oh swing!

7-ft climb! bravo kids!

Keep exploring!

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