Monday, February 13, 2012

Qatar Cinema: Safe House

Another celebration of love  - a spontaneous movie date with husband. Movie - Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

Husband finds the movie entertaining while I find it a bit dragging. The concept of the movie is something to think about though for real life. All government in the world have done something they are not proud of. Really!

Here's the movie description if you are considering this movie for a Valentine's Date - well, if you are newly dating - don't. Not a good idea for a movie date. But if you are like us, who are so into each other and been together like forever, go ahead, enjoy.

Safe House, Denzel Washington plays Tobin Frost, an expert CIA operative who went rogue and began selling trade secrets to the highest bidder, marking him as one of the most wanted men in the world. When Frost comes to Capetown, South Africa to receive a highly-sensitive piece of information from an MI6 contact, he finds himself surrounded by enemy assassins, with little other choice but to surrender himself to the American Consulate, lest he be shot down in the street. 
The calculated risk lands Frost in a CIA safe house managed by rookie agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), who has been itching for a chance to prove himself in the field. Matt sees an opportunity in Frost – but barely a moment after his “house guest” has been secured, the safe house is attacked by the gunmen on Frost’s tail. Matt and Frost go on the lam, trying to stay ahead of their pursuers, while also entering into a deadly cat-and-mouse game of their own.

Can't decide yet? Here's the movie trailer: 

Hoops, if you are in Doha and lives close by Landmark, Royal Plaza or The Mall, you may want to consider QTEL Promo, buy one ticket, get one free. Simply SMS FILM to 92000 and voila, you get two tickets for a price of one, QR35. Better watch during the weekdays as this promo is not valid during weekend.  Enjoy! 

Relax. Enjoy. See a Movie!

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