Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So How Was Your Qatar National Sports Day 2012?

So how was your Qatar National Sports Day 2012? According to most of our friends in Qatar, they all had a blast. It was a great holiday in Qatar and everybody had great fun living the "SPORTS IS A LIFESTYLE" mantra.

We explored the choice of going to Katara or Corniche but eventually ended up in Aspire. Katara all day activities received such great feedback as well as the Corniche events. As for us, we endured a loongggggg and grueling QNB Mini- Marathon in Aspire. It was such a lousy organization on the part of QNB. They did ask participants to register online yet ended up accepting registration during the day which resulted in way too many participants that they can handle as well as well the long wait. Seriously, two hours of lining up in the registration is just too much. And the husband ended up not getting give aways for participants. It was not really worth it.

And after the mini-marathon, it almost got violent as they can't decide who actually won the race or who is eligible for "prizes". Seriously, I thought stampede will actually happen. Actually, seemed that there was already, the place was such a mess indeed. LOUSY!

While the husband was in queue, Mommy and the kids went to the closest bouncy castles in Aspire. The area we went to had a big crowd - magic show, free food and mascots. It was so unsafe though to go through the bouncy castles. The power went on and off - hence, the bouncy castles got inflated while kids were playing on it - Danger Galore! But other wise, it's okay. But of course, I mind a lot about the kids bumping their head and body in the event of deflated bouncy castle - so we didn't enjoy it much. Picture the frustration in the kids as their mother drag them out of the bouncy castle minute after they started playing. Oh gosh!

kids having fun for one full minute before this gets deflated - bummer!

Well, there are mascots and free rides - this we get to enjoy a bit.

Anyway, rant over.


We didn't focus on their father winning the race, but more on TRYING HARD to complete the race.  Rest  assured that we would be participating in more races and marathons and the kids will be joining too. Living in Qatar has lots of perks, including the opportunity to teach the importance of sports. 

start of the race - all smiles!

"I made it to the finish line!"

"Can I die now? "

It was an awesome day! Thank you, Qatar!

Keep exploring!

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