Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Celebration 2012

So, how did you celebrate your Valentine's Day this year? Was it romantic? Or with disappointment? Seems like most of my Facebook contacts had a great celebration of eating out, giving gifts and showing extraordinary affection to their love ones today. I hope that today is not the only day we show our love to the special people in our lives. After all, love day is everyday.

We celebrated today like any other ordinary day - with utmost love. Specially today was holiday due to the Qatar National Sports Day. This means, that all family members are together to celebrate yet another family day. Extremely fabulous!

This year, we made this month extra special  - the LOVE month as most would refer it. For the past 14 days of the month, we have been giving treats to each other here and there. Some of our ten favorites are:

1. Pancakes! Prepared by the Great Turk! Mouthwatering, right?

Strawberry pancakes

blueberry pancakes

2. Chips:  This Tostada chips is the new "coffee" in the family. Refillable chips plus awesome play area for kids equals (almost) uninterrupted conversation between husband and wife. Quality time for  a very little cost.

3. Ice Cream and Chocolate - Since we agreed it's the LOVE month, might as well indulge in a little midnight snack. Indulge, live a little and probably get so high in fat and  cholesterol.

4.  Attending events together - Sometimes just being together makes everything special. Just look at these three walking pieces of my heart. It gives the more high from chocolate and ice cream, the healthier version.

5.  Princess Party. Somehow it feels so special attending themed parties. Especially when there's dressing up!

6. FLOWERS - Since, we are getting into cliches, here goes flowers - and one dozen red roses in one go! We really went all out this year!

7.  My Little Miss Complete Collection  - More books to enjoy for our Doha Explorers Book Club.  This series have been long favorite of ours so it is just fitting to get our own copies!

8.  Mr. Men  - MORE - more books to enjoy for our Doha Explorers Book Club.  We are really so excited! 

9.  MORE ICE CREAM - And customized ice cream for our special taste. 

10. Omelet - The kids favorite for the month.. and hopefully for the next months as we are squeezing most of the vegetables in here. (See, we don't eat only ice cream this month!)

you can see he love the omelet! ;) 

Although 14th February has come and gone (at least, in our part of the world!), we opt to make the remaining days of the month - and the rest of the days of our lives - special. After all, life is way too short not to eat ice cream show affection to our loved ones every chance we've got.

Happy LOVE Month!

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