Friday, February 24, 2012

Doha Event: Katara Art Center Book Fair

We saw this from the Katara Website about Katara Art Centre Book Fair and we just couldn't wait to visit!

The KATARA ART CENTER Art Bookshop is organizing the first edition of its Annual Book Fair. The team has invited several Doha Based Book Sellers and suppliers to exhibit and sell books on their catalogue at discount prices. 
Many of the Participating Book Sellers will be presenting new publications during this fair.
During the Book Fair there are many activities organized for families, children and all Bookworms!!! 
If you Love Books and you would like to exchange some of the books you have already read, with other bookworms like you, please come along and participate in this big Party dedicated to Books, Reading and Literary engagement.

Seems like every week we are visiting Katara! First day of February, we were there to try the infamous Red Velvet Cupcakery. And just last Thursday, we were at Katara Drama Theatre to watch Romeo and Juliet for Kidz! 

This weekend, the Katara Art Centre is having a Book Fair. And if you really know the Turknoys, we just LOVE books - a lot! So off we went the first hour of the Book Fair

It was not that big event similar to the International Book Fair which is held annually at the Qatar Exhibition Centre. It's an event specially arranged for book lovers  or more specifically kids book lover.  The books we saw were mainly for kids as well as the activities are for kids only. Visit to the book fair could only last 45 minutes MAXIMUM! And maybe that's just us who look through all the books on display. Unfortunately, our Kerim took a nap time during our visit. Only our Kylie was able to enjoy the book fair and got some of the fair's freebies.

Little Miss Kylie enjoying an activity at the book fair!

not big selection of kids book at the book store

we got great finds from this bookshop

We also managed to get some books at great prices from an international book store which provides book to international schools in Doha. Although they don't have any shops in Doha. Our favorite bookstore, iSPY was also there in the book fair. They don't have much books though.

our take home activity from Katara Art Center 

It was also a good visit to the Katara Art Center to see their kids book collections.

The Katara Art Center Book Fair runs until Saturday, 25th February.

Keep exploring!

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