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Top Ten 10 Ways to Encourage your Kids to Read

Top Ten 10 Ways to Encourage your Kids to Read

1. Have kids use how-to books to build things, make gifts, do project or learn sport.  We started last year with playing tennis. After the first session of tennis lesson, we started reading DK Readers, Let's Play Tennis and got so involved into reading than actual tennis. It turned out better for us as dessert sun could be so bad for the skin - tennis court is outdoors!

our tennis professional wanna be - who got too involved in reading! 

2. Go to the zoo, dog show or circus and get books about what you saw. It makes a lot of sense to read about the things we do - or to "midly" (note: mildly) manipulate our activities based on the titles of our books in the bookshelves. I am still hanging on to the Things To Do in Rome Guide Book. (nagging alert - husband!)

Here are some DK Titles which are perfect for this tip:

A Trip to the Dentist (DK READERS)A Trip to the Zoo (DK Readers, Level 1)DK Readers: Day at Seagull Beach (Level 1: Beginning to Read)DK Readers: First Day at Gymnastics (Level 1: Beginning to Read)

3. Have your children put their names in their own books. You might want to buy them boolplates, so they feel owning books is special.  We have yet to master this tip as most of the books are Kylie's anyways. Although I intend to start identifying the books since Kerim will soon be starting to read.

4. If kids see something interesting on TV, get a book about it.  We don't spend much TV time at home and when we do watch, it's usually princesses stuff for Kylie and Barney for Kerim. We have lots of princesses books and yet to get some Barney lovin' in books (oh boy! - I love you, you love me.. la la la...)

5. Listen to books on tape in the car. We do listen in the car but it's usually for the us, working parents. Kids ended up falling asleep.

6. Keep books, magazines and newspapers where kids can see them. And of course accessible anytime for them.

7. Computer reading and typing skills will help your young child read and get information from a variety of sources. Look for programs geared to your child’s age.  (like Starfall and KidZui!) 

8. Reread favorite books over and over. Your child will learn the story and begin to understand what reading is all about. 

9. Teach your kids to find the books they want in the library.

10. iPhone or iPad have awesome applications for reading! - Oh we are so hooked with the iPhone and iPad kids book applications - we almost buy at least one daily. I know - addiction in reading!

How do you encourage your kids to read? I would love to hear and try them! 

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