Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kids Book in Doha: The Prince, The Mermaid and Happy Ever After

We just love LOVE this book. We got this in Doha Book store and fell in love with the story because it has mermaid, prince, and of course Happy Every After.
Mermaid the Prince & Happy Ever After  has a very witty story!

Once upon a time, there was a prince who took his job very seriously indeed. Beachfront Castle was extremely leaky and Bernard knew that he ought to marry a rich princess. But what about true love? What about living happily ever after? Then Bernard went swimming and met an enchanting mermaid and that's when his troubles really began. How can a landlubber prince and a beautiful mermaid have a happy ending? Luckily, love always finds a way, and in a hilarious turn of events, Prince Bernard and his mermaid bride can be together at last!

The illustrations are fantastic and some words are intriguing. The storyline is very much complicated and for adults in most movies and it was simplified in this story for kids who just love mermaid. Even our 2-year old boy loves it because of the ticklish dragon!

Keep on reading!

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